Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Secret Group Project #1 - Run Jodi Run

So, I'm really far behind in my blogging, because this Super Secret Group Project #1 listed here was made and gifted in February, and I've really wanted to share it since. This is just one more reason why our knitting circle is teh roxor.

SSP #1

All this icord was made by the group (hand knit, a little machine knit, and crochet). What could it be for?


Indy wonders why I've once again knit something taller than I am.

Well, it's to make these:

SSP #1

Wait, that doesn't make much sense. Donna, Brenda and Susan, let's try it again!

SSP #1

There we go.

These signs are for Jodi (shown seated)

SSP #1

She ran her first marathon. And to show our support we marathon knitted icord to make some signs which Brenda put them together for us. Jodi thought we were joking when we said we'd be there cheering her on with big signs, and she certainly didn't know we would knit them!

They got a few comments at the race, and they made Jodi do a double take. She saw us, high-fived Donna, who was taking pictures, and kept running. Then, when she was about fifty feet past us she turned around and starting pointing wildly at the signs. We all laughed and told her to keep going, she was doing great, we'd talk about it later.

At our next meeting, we all signed the signs and gave them to Jodi. And she's been displaying them in her house ever since!

And yes, since this is Super Secret Group Project #1, there is a #2. It's in the works right now, and will hopefully be complete and gifted soon. But probably blogged about much later...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Following Trends: Jaywalkers

I had this really original idea of making Jaywalkers in a self striping yarn.


So this is about the billionth pair of Jaywalkers, so I don't feel bad that there aren't many pictures.

This is a Christmas present for my mother-in-law, who received them last weekend. Not that they weren't done by January 1st, but because I wanted to deliver them in person, because I was afraid they wouldn't fit. These socks had very little stretch, so I wouldn't make them as a gift unless I had a model handy. As it was, I had a stand-in at knitting group with the same size shoe who was gracious enough to try them on multiple times (thanks Jen!).

Unfortunately I don't have a stand-in for the gloves I'm making my Dad for last Christmas. They're still in progress because I can only work on them when he's around to try them on to make sure the finger tips are all the right size. Well, he'll probably have a nice pair of think wool gloves for June in Florida.