Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Success at Crafting or Fail at Blogging

Either I've been very productive at crafting, or slacking at blogging. I'll let you guess which. I'll just list them here, more details can be found on my Ravelry page, or you can leave me a note. Here goes:

I failed massively at designing baby booties.

Failed Booty Experiment

Then I made up for it with some Ruffle Rib Baby Socks (Knitting Daily Pattern), which were gifted to someone at work. The color is very Jaguars.

Ruffle Rib Baby Booties

Crocheted some Fun Fur Flip Flops for Donna, breaking the promise I made to myself never to do that, but she really wanted them.

Fun Fur Flip Flops

I knit a few inches on a charity blanket for the Stitch It podcast.

Knit Charity Blanket

And, only 10 months late, I delivered the last of last year's Christmas gifts. Gloves for my Dad. These are my own design, based off of instructions in a back issue of Interweave Knits.

Dad's Ugly Brown Gloves

Dad's Ugly Brown Gloves

I made an Umbilical Cord hat (from S n' B, which I got from my bro for my birthday) for the baby girl my cousin is expecting. Indy was then subjected to a long session of modeling it, due to a lack of anything else with a head small enough to model it. It started off okay

Indy Modeling Umbililical Cord Hat

but after two whole minutes of trying to get him to look at the camera and sit still at the same time, Indy looked like

Indy Modeling Umbililical Cord Hat

Some Monkey socks. How did I get to make something for me?

May Monkeys

I've also finished my Lady February, and have another cute little kid hat that needs a little needle felting.