Sunday, May 25, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Actuarial exam season has come and gone again, hence the long absence. That and the addictiveness of Ravelry.

Things have also been pretty busy around here.

There's been a field trip

Hanks Trip

and a yarn swap

Yarn SwapYarn SwapYarn Swap

Indy turned 2, and we celebrated by giving him a plate of apple and banana, his two favorite foods

Indy's Second Birthday

Somehow throughout all of this I was able to get some crafts done.

Indy helped by modeling a baby bib.

Indy Modeling a Bib

I made a few burp cloths and some baby booties because of a recent population explosion among people around me.

Burp Cloth #3

Purple Baby Booties

(notice the dining room table covered with study materials)


and a crocheted finished object


and omg, stop the presses, I broke out the sewing machine and have two FO's to show for it!

a practice project bag for me

My Practice Project bag

and a project bag for Jen's birthday.

Jen's Skull Project Bag

but most of my time over the past three months has been spent with this

Study Materials

thats 11.4 pounds of study materials, and that's not all I used

There is hope, since I'm going to spend the next few weeks with this

Guitar Hero

and here