Monday, March 22, 2010

Join the Club

Just a quick post to share two club shipments that I've gotten recently and am absolutely in love with.

The February shipment of Hank's in Gainesville is this lovely green/brown varigated, in a cashmere blend base.

Hanks Yarn - February Club

As Rachel Ray would say, Yum-O. These will probably become a pair of Charades for me, or maybe Aquaphobias, because I am not giving this yarn up.

And goodies! The tag on the stitchmarkers is only ripped because I got a little excited trying to open them.

Then, there is theSlipped Stitch Studios Knitmare on Elm Street Bag club.

Slipped Stitch Studios Knitmare Club

Isn't it so cool! If it was green it would be perfect. The middle button cracks me up.

Slipped Stitch Studios Knitmare Club

Also, I forgot to photograph it, but there was a matching key fob too. I forgot it because it's been on my keys since I got it. I love it, but my hubby isn't so thrilled when we switch cars. At least it has skulls and not unicorns.

1 Up, Version 2

Meanwhile, in other podcast-y news, Jackie from the Kiping It Real podcast recently asked for test knitters for a pattern for a 1 up mushroom from Mario. I immediately volunteered because:

1). Her pink version was incredibly cute.
2). I already have the yarn, leftover from the a previous Mario mushroom.
3). There is always room for more video game decor in our house.

The pattern was deceptively simple and very quick. It is held up on the inside with some plastic canvas (handy stuff). And the results? Well, I think this picture says it better than I could:

Itty Bitty Mushroom

This little guy has personality. Looking at my photos, it looks like he has moods, too. Now, he lives in our office, hanging out with a PS2 and our old gaming PC. It's the land of obsolete games. I think he looks happy though.

Itty Bitty Mushroom

In the next week: clubs, a trip to stitches, and somehow I'm training for a triathlon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spinning From a Batt a la Chrissy the Great

Do you listen to podcasts? Well, I do. In fact, the next two posts relate to podcast-related projects.

The first has been in the works for a very long time. Last year, Chrissy the Great, host of the Manic Purl podcast published a really great spinning tutorial showing the process she used to make some absolutely beautiful yarn. Since I had the same batt (from a Sugarbee studios fiber club), I decided to try the tutorial, and take pictures of the process. I talked with Chrissy, and asked if she'd be interested in a photo version of her tutorial. This was in April, of last year.

Spinning the yarn was not what has taken so long. What did is taking the pictures, downloading and learning GIMP, an open-source image manipulation program.

Here are the results: Spinning from a Batt Tutorial



Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini Post for a Mini Project

A small post for a small project.

Olympic Mittens

I had heard of the mittens worn by the Canadian Olympic team. There are even knitting patterns. Then, I heard about knitting patterns for mini mittens. Even cuter. And realistic to knit before the games. So I thought of Brenda, who is a big fan of the Olympics, and who was hosting our Ravelympics Cast On party, because she is awesome! (All of the ladies in our group are awesome!)

Anyways, I looked at patterns on Ravelry, and finally picked Pink Argyle's Mini Mittens pattern. Then I embroidered the Olympic rings. I skipped the Maple Leaf, because Brenda supports Team USA. Attached with some icord and viola!

The result is a very cute and very versatile little ornament.

It can hang on a purse or knitting bag

Olympic Mittens

or dangle from your rearview mirror.

Olympic Mittens

I then promptly forgot to give them to Brenda at the party. And the next three times we saw each other. She got them just a few days before the Olympics ended.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ravelympics Success

I have been away from the blog because I have been **gasp** knitting! It was that time, when fiber people the world over show their dedication and skill. The Ravelympics!

And unlike last year, I decided to set a reasonable goal. Then, once I met it, set some outrageous goals.

First, I tackled the Hat Heel Socks, with an entrelac leg based on the Annetrelac Socks. A few of the ladies from our knitting circle were doing the pattern, and you know I'm a sucker for new construction.

Ravelympics Socks

The came out great.

Ravelympics socks

And only took 8 days. Project page

So, I started setting out more goals.

First I set out ripping out a sample of some handspun, that's being gifted to a friend.

Miss February Yarn

Miss February Yarn

That was simple enough, done in one afternoon. Here's that project page and stash page.

Miss February Yarn

Then, I set my sights too high.

I decided to tackle the Arrgyle socks that I have been making my husband since January. Of 2008. Most of that time I have been hiding them in a deep dark corner of the craft room and tried to forget about them. It has been a long, hard slog. But I did make a lot of progress. All of the hard stuff is done.

Aargyle Socks

All I have left is the stockinette foot.

So, I am going to say that I am very proud of myself. I got much more knitting done that I normally do. Which is good, because I am getting ready to start really digging in for my next exam.