Monday, March 22, 2010

1 Up, Version 2

Meanwhile, in other podcast-y news, Jackie from the Kiping It Real podcast recently asked for test knitters for a pattern for a 1 up mushroom from Mario. I immediately volunteered because:

1). Her pink version was incredibly cute.
2). I already have the yarn, leftover from the a previous Mario mushroom.
3). There is always room for more video game decor in our house.

The pattern was deceptively simple and very quick. It is held up on the inside with some plastic canvas (handy stuff). And the results? Well, I think this picture says it better than I could:

Itty Bitty Mushroom

This little guy has personality. Looking at my photos, it looks like he has moods, too. Now, he lives in our office, hanging out with a PS2 and our old gaming PC. It's the land of obsolete games. I think he looks happy though.

Itty Bitty Mushroom

In the next week: clubs, a trip to stitches, and somehow I'm training for a triathlon.

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