Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Secret Group Project #2 - D's Baby Blanket

Here is Super Secret Group Project #2:

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

and the other side

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

It's a baby blanket for Deborah, a member of our group. A bunch of people from our group did individual squares of all different stitch patterns and colors. Most of the squares were knitted, and there was one crocheted square.

We planned on putting together the blanket at one of our meetings, because we didn't think she'd be there. We thought she wouldn't be able to make it, but she showed up!

It was good and bad. Good because we had a chance to get the blanket to her that night, bad because instead of a seaming party, we had a seaming work camp.

So we laid out all of our squares on the table at Panera.

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

And started seaming. We got most of it done, but at the end of the night, it was still incomplete, and we hadn't even started the border. So I took it home and finished seaming it up.

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

Then gave it a bath (you can see the vinegar and dish soap).

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

And wet blocked it.

D's Crazy Baby Blanket

After it was dry, I crocheted on a border and lightly steam ironed it.

It turned out as a beautiful, cuddly blanket for the new arrival!

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