Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nothing's Scarier than Math

It's late October and that means three things in my house

1) Chili

2) Pumpkin Pie

3) Pumpkin Carving

Pumkins 2008

We had four pumpkins at our house this year, one each for me, Nerdy Husband, Big Little Sister, and her friend. BLS is living with us while she goes to school here. The knickname borrowed from a relatively awful video game movie, since she's much taller than me.

She's also the one who picked out this pattern for me to carve.

Pumpkins 2008

She and her friend carved out these two

Pumkins 2008

Pumkins 2008

And Nerdy Husband had the easiest to carve, but one of the best pumpkins.

What do you get when you divide a pumpkin's circumference by its radius?

Math is Scary

Pumpkin Pi

or, in this case pumpkin pi over 2, because he says that is always the answer. What a math geek! We're such a good match.


Jackie said...

I LOVE your husband's humor! :)

All the pumpkins look fantastic!

parrotheadchic said...

Love the pumpkins!!!!!

Brennee said...

Everyone in the family LOVED your pumpkins! Pumpkin Pi is our favorite!!!