Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Yes, I know it's late. I've been busy recently, to say the least.

I have been pretty productive with crafting though.

Even though I swore I wouldn't I did do some Christmas crafting. Since I had not planned any gifts, they were all really last minute.

This year, Christmas was with the inlaws. Nerdy Husband's mom got a Snappy Hat from Picnic Knits. It was definitely fast, made in less than a week. Corrina is a very talented designer, and a fun person to be around.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the hat, but I used this: Aracunia Azapa, a wool, silk, mohair blend.

Arucania Yarn for MIL's Hat

During Christmas, I finished three things:

Grandma's Doily

A doily for my grandmother

It is actually a bit big, but I'm sure she'll love it anyways. Haven't had a chance to get it to her yet.

Grocery Sack #4

This is a crocheted grocery sack for my mom. My family uses them. The yarn for this was actually given to me by my mom, so this bag has been recycled in more ways than one.

Sorry for the awful picture. Apparently the spinning wheel isn't a very good model.

Grocery Sack #3

Grocery Sack #3

An Everlasting Bagstopper for Katie (future sister-in-law). Her favorite color is yellow, hence the yellow stripe. She is so sweet, she seemed to really like it, and I think she will really use it (as a tote bag), so she is definitely on the "knit-worthy" list for the future.

That's all for now. Next week (or whenever)- stash toss and I clean my room...

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