Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stepping Outside of the Yarn Aisle

I've been crazy busy. Every time I take one of my certification exams, I put off all of the things I want to do, and just study for a few months before the test. Then, in the last few weeks before the test, I start making lists in my head of all the things I want to do. Here is a selection from the last May

* Get back into playing piano
* Practice my Spanish
* Learn Latin
* Learn Mandarin Chinese
* Learn French
(There are a few more languages there just for kicks)
* Sew some more
* Learn embriodery
* Actually update my blog.

Obviously I'm failing at that last one. I've made baby steps with the piano, and learned a few words of Latin. But I've made some progress on the craft front. Done a little embroidery, and some sewing.


These are some burpcloths made for Jackson, my new nephew.

There are two that are made from cloth diapers, using this Chickpea studio tutorial. There's a Thomas the train one, and one with this cute yellow bee fabric that I thought my sister-in-law would love.


There is a modified version of this Homemade by Jill tutorial. I added a layer of batting in between, although that made it a little too thick. The back is some blue felt.


Burp Cloth

There are more burp cloths and some bibs in the works for the little one.

Don't worry though, there is still knitting going on here at Casa de Nerd. And a joint effort between hubby and I to make a light box, which will greatly improve my picture taking... and hopefully the blogging.

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