Sunday, January 17, 2010

State of the Stash - 2010

I have a tradition. Every year, I go through all of my crafting supplies on the first of the year. I empty out the tubs, take note of what I have, reorganize, wind up partial skeins that have gotten tangled, wipe down all of the containers storing yarn, check for damage, that sort of stuff. And I take pictures.

I've done this every year since 2007, but only posted to the blog in 2008.

Every year, it gets a little easier, and I get a little more organized. This year, it included organizing my craft room/guest room.

Craft/Guest Room

The spinning wheel sits in the corner, next to my craft bookcase.

Craft/Guest Room

Do you see the yarn? No? It's neatly packaged away in the blue boxes.

And then there's the bookcase.

Craft/Guest Room

This is where I store all of my UFO's. Every last one of them. Knitting, crochet, spinning, the braided rug I started in 2005, all of it. Several of these are more than a year old.

Here's a better look.

Stash Toss 2010

My goal for 2010 is to clean this up considerably, so I can use it for other things. Like books.

Anyways, my sewing table, blocking board, and ironing board all fit in the closet, although in reality they don't spend much time there. The important part is that they can!

Having a guest room, with furniture, painted walls and pictures makes me feel oddly grown up.

But surely that can't be all of my crafting supplies, right? Right. The giant tower of craft remains in my hubbies office.

Stash Toss 2010

I did organize everything on here.

There's a shelf for sewing supplies

Stash Toss 2010

and one for fiber

Stash Toss 2010

and the other shelves are organized by how much I'll use them.

But what about the yarn stash?

Well, here is my handspun

Stash Toss 2010

and here is my collection of all the little bits and bobs.

Stash Toss 2010

It may seem odd to keep all of these little scraps, but they are surprisingly useful. I'm never without stuffing or stitchmarkers.

Here is all of the partial balls

Stash Toss 2010

and the source of all my guilt, the yarns which I haven't used at all.

Stash Toss 2010

Indy and I investigated and

Stash Toss 2010

The oldest: a ball of GGH Apart I bought in 2006, for the Rockstar scarf I never made.

This seems like a reasonable amount of stash to me. It hasn't grown too much since last year.

My only crafting resolution this year is to finish every UFO I have now by the end of the year. And to keep my guest room looking like a guest room.


Jackie said...

I did a stash clean up at the first of the year and donated the yarn I was no longer in love with to a friend. It felt good and it feels good looking at a neater more organized yarn cabinet that has yarn in it that I really like!

Brennee said...

Ok...Giant Tower of Craft...sounds like a rollercoaster ride that should be at the next Stitches! lol Nice job on the organization btw. (and nice to see a new post on your blog!)

Shevon said...

@ Jackie: Yep, I picked out a few yarns that are probably going to be on their way out. Did it a few years ago. It's like instantly losing weight!

@Brenne: We should patent it! It's like tower of terror, but you land in malabrigo. And hopefully there will be more new posts, I have a ton of projects that need posting.