Monday, July 23, 2007

My First Knitted Project - A Look Back at a Few Years

Here is an old post about my first project:

Indy Models My FIrst Project
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This is my very first knitting project. It's what I worked on the night before my wedding. And it kept me company when the hubby went back to work in the desert.

It is Zeeby's bag from Stitch n' Bitch, in cotton. I used 2 or 3 balls of Preaches and Cream and didn't immediately line it, so it is not surprising that it has grown a few inches. It really couldn't hold any amount of weight. I think I intended it to be a project bag, but as it was unlined, that didn't work. So it spent a lot of time just waiting to be used. It went to the Renaissance fair, but that was about it for the first two years.

When I got a sewing machine, it became one of my first machine sewing projects when I added the lining. It was poorly done (I'm not a good sewer), but now the bag is usable. I bring it to work when I don't need to bring text books, and use it a beach bag.

When Indy saw me take out the camera to take a picture of the bag, he figured that meant that I wanted to take a picture of him, so he walked across the room to pose for me. That should tell you just how many pictures of this dog we have. Perhaps he thought he could lend some cuteness to the project.

I keep it as a testament to how far I've come in knitting, and one day hopefully it will be the same for sewing, too.

Motto of this bag: Jump in and try it when you don't know what you're doing. Just don't expect to get professional looking results.

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