Monday, September 15, 2008

Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book... And I'm in It!

It is finally here: The Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book. It will be available at some Local Yarn Stores, at Create Space and on Amazon.

What's the Crochet Liberation Front? It's a Ravelry group dedicated to championing the cause of crochet. As of now there are over 2,200 members.

The first ever book has been organized and edited by the "Fearless Leader", Laurie, with contributions from the "minions" of the CLF. It is not a "Learn to Crochet" book, but rather a reference book with a wide range of patterns and articles.

Articles like the one I wrote. It is about using math and other technical tools, such as spreadsheet software, to write and adjust crochet patterns, and to just have a better understanding of crochet construction.

One of the main focuses of the article is to show you how to write a pattern that looks like this:

Spreadsheet Screen Cap

The numbers here are all automatically calculated and easily adjustable. It would be very simple to write a pattern in multiple sizes, or to make changes to a pattern as you go.

My main goal with the pattern was to make the math and "technical stuff" behind crochet more accessible to everyone.

I will probably be giving away at least one copy of the book, more updates on that later.

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