Monday, September 22, 2008

Spinning Class Wrap Up

Last month I took a Spinning Class at Hank's Yarn in Gainesville. It was really educational.

I posted about my first weeks progress, the promptly forgot to follow up.

During the first week, I turned this

Spinning Class Wool

into this

Spinning Class Yarn

It's a itty bitty skein of Navajo plied wool. I Navajo plied because I wanted the color changes to look like this.

Spinning Class Yarn

And I just really wanted to try Navajo plying. It's pretty overspun because I was a little uncoordinated.

For the second week we had a bunch of diffrent fibers to wash, card, and otherwise play around with. I blended them together and spun some singles and some good looking navajo ply. Pictures later.

For the third week, I had the Ashford Traveler, and I learned what it meant to not like a wheel. I couldn't pinpoint it, but that wheel just didn't feel natural for me.

Red on Red Barberpole

I spun two singles of different colors of Louet roving

Red on Red Barberpole

and plied them together

Red on Red Barber Pole

During the last class, I turned some more Louet roving into

Spinning  Class Yarn

I learned a lot from the class. The next step is to get a spinning wheel for my birthday.

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Jackie said...

You're doing fantastic!