Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. I was home for 5 whole days. It was fun, but busy. We had about 30 people for Thanksgiving lunch, and on Saturday, we threw my soon-to-be sister-in-law a bridal shower. She is cute as a button and we're so glad to have her in the family. The shower was a roaring success (or a least a loud din, with 30 ladies talking nonstop), everyone seemed to have a good time.

My mom and sisters did a great job on putting the shower together. There were hand made chocolates (which I had no success at - I kept breaking them), and paper crafts galore. Mom made these cute little boxes for favors.

Katies Shower

I've been relatively busy with crafting as well.

This Teddy Hat was made for my cousin's 2 year old

Timmy's Teddy Hat

It's some random blue acrylic. I used an invisible cast on and 2x2 ribbing throughout. The ears were crocheted on afterwards, then wet felted by hand in the sink. I pulled apart some pink wool and got it back to close to fiber-like consistency and needle-felted the center of the ears. I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of something similar on Ravelry, but I haven't been able to find it and don't know how it was made.

Then there are these two pillows, made for a gift for my older sister. They are made using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Aslan colorway, and Lion Brand Wool Ease, quite possibly the strangest combination of yarns ever. These were started a few years ago, before I had a good understanding of gauge. It all worked out, though, the sock yarn parts just have a little more white between them.

One has a flower motif on the front, from the crochet motif harmony guide.

Pillows for Michelle

The other side was box-stitch.

Pillows for Michelle

The second pillow has a granny square on one side

Pillows for Michelle

and some double crochet. The tab on the side is worked sideways, which shows the color a little differently.

Pillows for Michelle

The other part of Michelle's gift was an Everlasting Bag Stopper.

This is what it looks like empty

Shopping Bag #1

and filled

Shopping Bag #1

There's just a little bit of stretch. Just a wee bit.

With that said, I have to get back to working on Christmas gifts.


Jackie said...

Wow! You've been really busy! Everything looks fantastic!

Brennee said...

Love the hat, you're so clever. I didn't realize mom was so crafty. Those boxes are adorable!!!

Shevon said...

Thanks Jackie!

Brenda, my mom is incredibly crafty! She taught me to sew when we were little and made a lot of clothes and plenty of costumes. I thought no one ever bought Halloween costumes at a store. Now she's very into paper crafting!