Monday, April 5, 2010

Presents Galore

There has been a ton of present crafting around here as of late. I am only posting two, because they're the only ones that have been gifted and I have taken pictures of.

Two ladies in the knitting circle had birthdays this weekend.

Christine plays tennis and knits, so I found a cute tennis charm and made some stitch markers.

Christine's Stitch Markers

It's hard to tell, but the beads in the middle have little flowers on them.

Jen is a chemical engineer who loves her coffee, so the Hypercaffeinated Coffee Cozy by Chemknits is pretty much perfect.

BadJen's Caffeine Cozy

I think they both liked their gifts, hopefully they'll be useful. Dinner was fun, except there are now pictures floating around of me trying to stick my tongue in Brenda's ear.

I have to get some decent pictures of the Arrrgyle socks, but Nerdy Husband and I have been so busy, it's hard to get us in the same place while it's daylight, and I really want to get the pictures done right. He has been wearing them though!