Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini Post for a Mini Project

A small post for a small project.

Olympic Mittens

I had heard of the mittens worn by the Canadian Olympic team. There are even knitting patterns. Then, I heard about knitting patterns for mini mittens. Even cuter. And realistic to knit before the games. So I thought of Brenda, who is a big fan of the Olympics, and who was hosting our Ravelympics Cast On party, because she is awesome! (All of the ladies in our group are awesome!)

Anyways, I looked at patterns on Ravelry, and finally picked Pink Argyle's Mini Mittens pattern. Then I embroidered the Olympic rings. I skipped the Maple Leaf, because Brenda supports Team USA. Attached with some icord and viola!

The result is a very cute and very versatile little ornament.

It can hang on a purse or knitting bag

Olympic Mittens

or dangle from your rearview mirror.

Olympic Mittens

I then promptly forgot to give them to Brenda at the party. And the next three times we saw each other. She got them just a few days before the Olympics ended.

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Fru-la-la! said...

precious!! I love 'em!!!